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Idea of the company


"For those, who are able to appreciate the real essence of things, simple green tree is bigger miracle, than golden or silver one".

Martin Luther


The idea of the company appeared during the meeting of old friends, who organized their meeting after long years in Kyiv, in autumn, 2012. The initial aim of the meeting was the intention to get to know more about each other – business, career etc. Exactly this conversation was the root of the company creation.

To understand the companions’ ideas, here is some information about them: experienced marketing specialist, interior designer and the third person is a carpenter. When the conversation about furniture started, these people started the discussion about modern furniture, manufacture of furniture in Ukraine etc. The conclusion that they have made was that there are no new ideas in the market of furniture manufacturing in Ukraine as well as spirited manufacturer who could have started fashion in the industry in Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.

In the process of the discussion all friends were surprised with the fact, that all of them are connected with such simple things as: passion to wood, smell of fresh filings, diligence and adrenaline which appears during the work on the masterpiece, no matter what field of work is it. So, it was decided to create a unique company that specializes in furniture manufacturing.  

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